Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Powder Coating Questions

What Metal Can Be Powder Coated?
Almost any type of metal products can be powder coated, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast aluminum, magnesium, cast iron, pot metal, copper and brass. materials that can not be coated, include anything that would be damaged by the 350 degree temperature of the baking oven, such as plastic, rubber, bondo, lead or any other low-temperature alloy or solder.

How Do I Prepare Parts For Coating?
Your parts should be cleaned of dirt, oil, grease and unnecessary hardware. We will remove surface rust and old paint with low-pressure sandblasting. It is important that you mark or specify any areas of your parts that are not to be powder coated.

What Colors Are Available?
Powder Coating is available in a variety of bright colors. If the customer wants a color that we don't stock, we can special order the color at the customer's expense. Please call for color availability (760) 745-3322.

What Types Of Finishes Are Available?
Powder coating is available in a number of different finishes. The finishes range from a gloss to a metallic finish. Different textures are also available, including smooth surface, wrinkled or matte finish, as well as a rough finish. Not all colors are available in different finishes. Please call for texture options, (760) 745-3322.

Frequently Asked Thermo Coating Questions

If I Thermo Coat My Headers, Will I See A Temperature Change?
On headers the radiated heat will be substantially reduced, leading to lower underhood temperatures and less heat absorption by nearby parts and surfaces. Therefore increasing performance and extending the life of the part.

Why Is Satin Black Header Coating Better Than The Polished Thermo Silver?
While it is true that black is normally a better color to emit heat, in this instance the color is not as important as the fillers in the coating. These fillers are very effective insulators, sufficiently so that black color does not affect the function. Interestingly the silver color of the polished Thermo silver comes from the aluminum filler. Aluminum is a very good conductor of heat. Yet the effectiveness of these coatings are not degraded.

Are Headers Coated In & Out?
Yes. Headers are coated inside and out because exhaust gases are so corrosive. In doing so, the coating provides a complete barrier against corrosion.

Yes, we offer a three-year warranty for all used headers. New headers, zero run time, get a lifetime warranty against rust through. Previously chrome plated headers are not warranted.

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