Installation, Information, and Suggestions

We have the finest state-of-the-art header coating on the market today. In order to maintain the high quality of the coating there are a few steps and suggestions we propose.

  1. On a new motor: The best way to tune a new motor is with a set of used headers. We realize many people do not have this option, however, to maintain the proper exhaust temperature, extreme care must be used with regards to the timing and fuel/air mixture.

  2. the engine operating temperature is also critical. It is not however, the best indicator of the exhaust temperature.

  3. Most stains can be removed with very hot water or a non-abrasive aluminum polish. We recommend HEADER CHIT to keep your headers looking like new, and may be purchased at Olimpic Coatings.

  4. Polish SHOULD NOT be used on matte aluminum, black, or colored coatings.

  5. We highly recommend the use of copper gaskets for maximum, long lasting sealers. These are available to you at Olimpic Coatings.

To order polish or Gaskets or if you have questions about, or problems with the header coating call 1.800.630.9899.

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