Thermal Barrier Coatings - 101

The polished Thermo Silver header coating is the most popular kind of coating on the market today. The Thermo Silver is used by more coating companies and manufacturers than any other header coating. This coating is extremely popular on exhaust systems, where their high luster finish provides a very attractive, durable surface. The high temperature characteristics of ceramics have been combined with metallic frits to create ma coating that can withstand metal temperatures in excess of 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. This unique coating is based on a water/solvent system, which requires careful attention to application procedures. The coating can be applied to a variety of surfaces and metals, such as: exhaust system components, brackets, valve covers, wheels, headers, hinges, grills, suspension parts or any other metal that can withstand the 500 degree Fahrenheit cure temperatures. The coating provide a chrome appearance that will not rust, and is effective as a hard protective coating for aluminum parts. Because water is the solvent, the baking process does not produce hazardous, smelly fumes, as do many other coating products. All tools can be easily cleaned up with warm water. This coating is a more attractive coating than is the black satin coating, but the black satin coating provides increased performance when compared to the polished silver coating.

Common uses...

Commonly referred to as Header Coating/Exhaust Coating.

Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC's) are designed, as the name suggests, to reduce the movement of heat. In some instances, such as exhaust systems, you want to keep the heat in the pipe. In combustion chambers you want to use the heat generated by combustion to push down the piston rather than bleed off into the surrounding surfaces. TBC coatings can be made from a variety of materials. Ceramics get the most attention, though there are other materials that are superior in specific applications, the proper choice is critical to the overall function of the coating. Due to continual testing, both in the lab and at the track, we are learning that simple thermal barrier action is not the only characteristic that is important. In fact certain TBC's will move an engine into detonation.

See important Part Submission Instructions here and read our No “BS” warranty applicable to alll header and exhaust components.

Secondary use for coating non heated compents purely for decorative use.

We have several different kinds of finish available: See specs / details.

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