Thermo Coating covers four different areas of coating - see the breakdown of types below.

We also offer a lifetime warranty on all our header and exhaust work, see Thermal barrier Coatings for more info

Dry Film Lubricants
Reduces friction, improves wear, extends part life and frees up HP normally lost to friction. Provides greater reduction in component temperature.
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Thermal Barrier Coatings
Commonly referred to as Header Coating/Exhaust Coating. Inhibit transfer of heat by keeping more heat in the pipe and improving performance.
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Thermal Dispersants
The coating is capable of transferring heat faster than bare metal. Used in a wide variety of applications.
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Corrosion / Chemical Inhibitors
Increases part life and inhibits deterioration in appearance. Usually used in conjunction with one of our other coatings.
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If the information you're looking for isn't covered in the above four categories, please call or e-mail us to discuss your requirements.

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